Top 10 Reasons To Choose Our Practice

As reported by our patients and staff 

  1. Patient 1st philosophy
  2. Pediatric dental practice founded over 30 years ago by Pediatric Dentistry teachers 
  3. Staff makes you feel like family   
  4. Kids look forward to their visit 
  5. Makes going to the dentist a less scary experience 
  6. Complimentary insurance verification and pre-authorization (when possible) prior to visit  
  7. Never feel rushed during the visit and all concerns are addressed 
  8. 2nd generation of patients (children of former patients) are current patients 
  9. Ms. Pac Man arcade in the waiting room and TVs on the ceiling above dental chairs
  10. Staff members started their careers at Pediatric Dentistry of Union because their children were/are patients here      

Our Story

“What helps the youth of Union helps Union!”  

In 2013, as a first-year pediatric dental resident at The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Mouli had all the anxieties of a typical graduate student. Would she be able to find a good job after graduation? Would she be able to pay off her student loans? Would she make a good pediatric dentist? So when Dr. Glenn Rosivack offered her a job in his pediatric dental practice, Pediatric Dentistry of Union, she was elated.  

Dr. Glenn R. Rosivack, the current Chair of Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, founded Pediatric Dentistry of Union in 1987 while he was a professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the school. Dr. Glenn found his passion for working with kids as a result of his experience in treating children with special needs. With the intent to practice on his terms, Dr. Glenn opened his own practice so that he can spend more time with his patients instead of “seeing as many patients as possible.”   

Born and raised in Union County, Dr. Glenn respects and appreciates the County’s commitment to youth. He fondly recalls a sign on Route 22 that read “What helps the Youth of Union helps Union” as his inspiration for choosing Union County as the home of his pediatric dental practice.  

Dr. Mouli continued to work through her residency at Pediatric Dentistry of Union under Dr. Rosivack and other dentists who taught at The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. After completing her pediatric dentistry residency Dr. Mouli was offered a full-time position at the practice.  

In 2017, with the thought of moving closer to family, Dr. Mouli spoke to Dr. Rosivack to let him know that she is thinking of moving out of state. Once again, Dr. Mouli was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Rosivack. Dr. Rosivack offered Dr. Mouli the opportunity to acquire Pediatric Dentistry of Union as he had decided to fully commit to his role as the Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. 

Dr. Mouli was honored and happily agreed, promising to continue operating Pediatric Dentistry of Union with the same guiding principles and values established by Dr. Glenn. 

“After committing over 30 years to my practice and my patients, I wanted to pass on the practice to someone that I trusted would continue the quality of care and the personal commitment to the patients. Knowing Dr. Mouli for 4 years as a Dental Student, 2 years as a resident and 4 years as an associate made it an easy decision.”  

                                                                                                                                       – Dr. Glenn Rosivack