Comprehensive and Holistic Pediatric Dental Care

At pediatric dentistry of Union our goal is to provide a dental home where your child can have all of his/her pediatric dental needs met! Our holistic approach to care means that we don’t just look at their teeth and check for cavities; we examine all aspects of their daily routine that may affect their dental health.

Here are a few of the different aspects of comprehensive and holistic pediatric dental care that we focus on:


This is where it all begins! Our goal for each and everyone of our patients is “NO CAVITIES”. And we will help our families reach this goal by providing a personalized approach to your child’s dental routine and their nutrition.

For our youngest patients, we will show mom and dad how to brush their child’s teeth. We will guide parents as to the appropriate type of toothpaste to use that is safe for their little one. We will review their current diet and also offer individual guidance to help moms and dads make healthy food choices for their child.

For our older child patients, we offer dental cleanings at regular intervals that best serve the needs of your child. At each appointment we will teach them proper brushing and flossing techniques so that good toothbrushing and flossing will become a habit for years to come. We will reinforce proper nutrition with your child because as children get older and more food choices, they can easily veer off course. We will continue to guide them towards healthy food choices that will not only be good for their teeth, but for their general health as well!

When your child has adult molars (usually upwards of age 6 years) we offer preventive sealants. We will let you know when your child is ready to receive them and will discuss the benefits!

And of course, we offer the latest in fluoride treatments to our patients who are prone to getting cavities!


We hope that your child never gets a cavity, but if he/she does we will treat it in the safest and kindest way possible.

We use the latest filling materials that are “tooth colored” and not the silver fillings that were used many years ago.

We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for children that may get nervous with dental treatment. The doctor will discuss the benefits of nitrous if it is recommended for your child.

 Occasionally, a young child is referred to our office for extensive treatment needs. In this case, we will examine the child and determine the safest way to provide this treatment. Our office offers comprehensive dental treatment for a child in a hospital setting if necessary.