Negar Tabari, DMD

Meet Dr. Negar!

Dr. Negar Tabari was inspired to become a dentist by observing her mother at her dental practices in Iran and Germany. Dr. Negar is a people person and finds joy in alleviating people’s fears and anxieties about dental treatment. She feels proudest when she sees children under her care “evolve into brave patients who trust the dentist and are comfortable.”   

Having completed dental school in Hungary in 2014, Dr. Negar moved to the United States where she pursued additional training and licensing required for international practitioners at the Rutgers School of Dentistry from 2016 – 2018. In her last year of training at Rutgers, Dr. Negar was recognized for her work with pediatric patients and received an award for Excellence in Pediatric Dentistry. She was accepted to the Pediatric Dentistry residency program at Rutgers where she served as the chief resident and completed her training as a Pediatric Dentist and achieved a Master’s in Dental Science in 2020. 

Graduating from Rutgers Dental School and joining Pediatric Dentistry of Union, Dr. Negar follows in the footsteps of Dr. Glenn Rosivack, the founder of Pediatric Dentistry of Union, and Dr. Mouli, the current owner as well as Dr. Nanci. Dr. Negar’s values of providing comprehensive care and education and motivation to children to reach their full potential align perfectly with those of Pediatric Dentistry of Union.    

Dr. Negar has lived in several different countries, an experience she attributes to her appreciation and affinity for diverse cultures. She prides herself on making friends effortlessly. Dr. Negar loves the outdoors and in her free time can be found swimming, biking, or roller blading.