Meet The Staff

At Pediatric Dentistry of Union, you will find a team of individuals who will work hard to ensure the best dental care for your little one! Our clinical and administrative staff is always working to offer you and your family exceptional dental care in a warm and comfortable environment. Our office staff handles the administrative details before you arrive so you can focus on your child’s treatment. Your child’s comfort is always at the forefront at each step of the visit so you too can relax and make the most of the experience.

Together, our doctors and staff want you and your children to feel like you are a part of the family at Pediatric Dentistry of Union.

You will quickly notice that within our office family, we believe that ‘Nice Matters!’

The Dentists: 

  Dr. Mouli

       Dr. Roshni

   Dr. Jane

  Dr. Talia

The Hygienists : 



   Dental Assistant & Manager


  Certified Dental Assistant 


*Check back often to meet a different member of the PDofU Team!!